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Restaurant Suppression Issues – Suppression System Nozzle Caps

April 26, 2012

One of the most common items we find in restaurant suppression system that cause a loss of credit is the lack of or removal of the caps on the extinguishing system spray nozzles.  Cooking vapors carry oils and grease as they rise.  The hood and vent system draws these vapors up, cleans them and exhausts them out the roof fan system. In between the filter and the cooking is the fire extinguishing system spray nozzles.  The actual spray nozzle opening is very small and designed to cover a certain area with fire extinguisher. To keep the opening from partially or completely clogging, the system is delivered with a small cap that pops off when the system is triggered.  Removal of this cap or failure to replace if it is dislodged will compromise and defeat your clients system causing loss of suppression credit not to mention your customers business!

Your restaurant owner spent a great deal of money installing this system; they deserve a price break so make sure they get one!


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Article by: Tracy Skinner, Manager of Subscriber Services

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