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Restaurant Suppression Issues – Grease Baffles

April 27, 2012

Photo by: Kristen Skinner, Field Representative

In our last article, we discussed the importance of a very small and inexpensive item that can cost an insured in unnecessary increased premiums; covers for the extinguishing nozzles.  In this piece, we will talk about an issue that is not really suppression but prevention.

Every qualified hood cover for cooking appliances has some sort of filtration system.  We will focus on one.

Removable baffles operate on a very simple principle, when air changes direction is slows down.  When air velocity decreases, it can no longer carry heavier particles and these particles start to drop off.  In a restaurant environment, this means the grease and oils that are released during the cooking process drop out.  How does this system do that?

As air is drawn through the baffles by the fans, it moves around the corrugated surface that you see in the photo above. By moving around these corrugated surfaces, the air slows down and drops the oils and grease. These solids then run down the corrugations and into a trough built into the hood and then into the small collection cans spaced at intervals. While not all solids are removed, most are, the remainders are cleaned by other filters further up the line before the air is released into the atmosphere.  This is a simple effective system and the parts are easily cleaned in commercial dishwashers.

From time to time, we see restaurant employees place the baffles in the trays improperly. They will place them sideways rather that up and down or make a “herring bone” pattern out of them. Grease and oils are prevented from running down because the baffles are sideways!  A buildup of grease in the hood system is a fire waiting to happen.

Don’t overlook this simple fix to larger problems when working with your clients.  A little knowledge can save a lot of money.


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Article by: Tracy Skinner, Manager of Subscriber Services

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