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COMING SOON – WSRB’s First Online Filing Library!

April 1, 2013

Insurance RatingHow many of you have gone to WSRB’s website to view one of our filings that was recently approved and found what you were looking for right away?  Currently, subscribers must know the Circular number in order to find a filing, whether just approved or approved years ago. Many of our subscribers have expressed frustration at how difficult it has been to find our filings, especially if the Circular number is not known.

WSRB has listened, and we have answered our subscriber’s needs by building an online filing library.

Our library includes all WSRB filings and related Circulars. How will subscribers find a filing? You will be able to enter as little as one piece of criteria to narrow your search for the filing you are looking for. If all you know is the line of insurance, or the effective date, or the year that the filing was submitted…NO PROBLEM!  If more than one filing matches the search criteria you enter, you will be able to scroll through the results to find the filing you want.

Search criteria include:

  • Line of Insurance
  • Date of Submission to the OIC
  • Effective Date
  • Filing Number (SERFF,WSRB,OIC)
  • Description
  • Circular Number
  • Filing Type (Rate/Rule, Form, Both)
  • Form Number
  • Form Number Edition Date
  • Form Title

Watch for our online filing library, coming April 10th to a computer near you! We are confident that access to our filings will be much easier with this new program and be a positive addition to the tools you need to perform your duties on a daily basis.

To access our online filing library, go to the Compliance tab on the main menu of the Members section of our website.


For more information on WSRB Compliance Services visit us at

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