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Top 10 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Full Sprinkler Credit

April 15, 2013

Sprinkler system inspectionWe are often asked what we look for when evaluating automatic sprinkler systems and what the most common reasons for loss of credit are. So we put together a list of the top 10 reasons that sprinkler systems lose sprinkler credit.

  1. No “as built” plans are available: This can be common with older buildings that have changed ownership over the years.
  2. No or deferred maintenance and testing: Inadequate maintenance could cause a sprinkler system to fail.
  3. Sprinklers not designed for current occupancy: As occupancy changes or tenants move in and out of a building, the sprinkler system could be inadequately designed for the occupant type.
  4. Storage is higher than the system is designed for: High-piled storage can present unique fire suppression problems. Storage heights need to be maintained at a level that the sprinkler system is equipped to handle.
  5. Sprinkler heads blocked, no flue space in racks: If adequate flue space and distance from sprinkler heads are not maintained they can impede the effectiveness of the system.
  6. Sprinkler system shut down: We cannot give credit to a system that is not operational.
  7. Unsprinklered areas: Unsprinklered areas can include the space below roll-up doors and canopies, spray booths, below raised floors, walk-in coolers, office additions, and attic space.
  8. Fire Department Connections (FDC) not covered: Uncovered FDCs can collect refuse, animal nests, or debris which can impede water flow.
  9. No outside control valve: An outside control valve should be present for use by the fire department during a fire.
  10. System is designed primarily for life safety purposes: A system designed for life safety may not be adequate to protect the building and its contents.

As part of WSRB’s No Sprinkler Left Behind program, we are now able to grant sprinkler credit to some buildings that we could not in the past. Read more about our No Sprinkler Left Behind initiative to see if your building qualifies.


Article by: April LaRita Green

Learn more about WSRB Inspections.

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