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WSRB Subscriber Services – Loss Costs & Tentative Loss Costs

May 22, 2013
Loss Cost risk search

Loss Cost Risk Search tool

Loss Costs

Once an inspection is done and loss costs developed for a property, this information is added to our database of thousands of previously inspected buildings. Our database of loss costs is available to all of our subscribing agents and underwriters at no charge.

By looking up an address on the Loss Cost page of the members section of our website, you access building information that includes loss costs, earthquake class, CSP and RCP codes, fire protection area, date of the last inspection, and in most cases a downloadable copy of our latest inspection.


Tentative Loss Costs

Tentative loss costs can be used until a specific loss cost is available. Just go to the Tentative Loss Cost page under the Loss Cost tab in the members section of our website and enter the occupancy, construction type, and protection class of your building. A conservative tentative rate will be generated for the contents and building. Whenever a tentative rate is used, you must attach a Tentative Rate Endorsement CP 99 93 and apply to WSRB for a specific loss cost. You can do this by ordering a Commercial Property Inspection through our website at no cost.

Click here to learn about the new LOI changes to our Risk Search tools.

For additional information on WSRB Loss Costs or to learn how to become a WSRB subscriber, contact Tracy Skinner at 206-273-7146.


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Article by: April LaRita Green

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