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WSRB Subscriber Services – Public Protection Class

June 12, 2013

Public Protection ClassWSRB evaluates cities, towns, fire protection districts, and suburban or rural entities to determine the fire protection capabilities of the community and publishes an advisory system called Protection Classification. Unlike BCEGS, which are based on building code enforcement, Protection Classification (PC) is based on a community’s ability to respond to emergencies and put out fires.

Fire Department staffing, locations, and training, as well as available water supplies are some of the factors that go into the PC grading process.  All buildings located within a community are eligible for the PC of that community if the distance to the nearest responding fire station and the distance to a credible hydrant meet minimum requirements.

Insurers often use PCs to assess the risk at a specific building, offering lower fire insurance rates to homes and businesses located in areas with better coverage and resources.  This information is more pertinent now than ever, with many fire departments experiencing staffing shortages, department mergers, and funding cuts.

To learn more about how WSRB evaluates and establishes Protection Gradings, check out our Protection Class Evaluation Overview. Feel free to contact our Public Protection Department any time at 206-217-9772 with any questions you have.


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Article by: April LaRita Green

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