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We Need Your Input!

August 6, 2013
As The Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau (WSRB) grows its services and products to meet the needs of its current State of Washington subscribers and those organizations outside of Washington, we, at WSRB, have questions about how our name enhances or limits our ability to do business, especially outside of Washington.  We have asked BCE Consulting to conduct a survey and complete an analysis of the value of our name going forward.


BCE Consulting has developed a survey questionnaire to specifically address our questions about our name.  This questionnaire should take only a few minutes and each question has a definite purpose.  The cumulative results of all the completed and returned questionnaires will provide WSRB with valuable information to be used in our strategic planning.


The individual survey questionnaire results will be (1) confidential, and (2) will not be seen by WSRB.  Completed questionnaires will be directly returned to BCE Consulting.  BCE Consulting, in turn, will compile the results and present WSRB with a ‘blind study’ comprehensive and detailed report.


If you have any questions pertaining to this survey, please contact one of the three BCE Consulting individuals shown at the top of the first page of the questionnaire.


WSRB greatly appreciates your participation in this project.  The greater the number of responses will give the end results more validity.


Dave Bruell and Tracy Skinner


Click here to take the survey

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