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Are You Prepared for Halloween?

October 28, 2013

Insurance for HalloweenIf the heavy layer of fog that’s descended over Seattle in the past week is any indication, fall is here.  Pumpkin Spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin patches…not to mention brightly colored leaves and cold weather! I love fall, and while Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday I have many friends that eagerly await its arrival.

Halloween always brings up the common safety concerns for businesses:

–          Are you using noncombustible or flame-resistant decorations?

–          Be sure outdoor lights are labeled for outdoor use.

–          Do not block exit doors or egress paths.

–          Never use open flame decorations.

–          And on and on…

Special event insuranceBut what if you own or run a haunted house or attraction?  The Issaquah Rotary, where I live, runs a great volunteer haunted forest every year at Beaver Lake Park. If this sounds like you, or one of your insureds, be sure they’re carrying the appropriate level of proper coverage!

–          Should you have special event coverage, which generally lasts for 90 days?

–          Does your liability coverage cover the visitors to the attraction? Have you appropriately addressed concerns with trip and fall or minor accidents in the parking lot?

–          Does your insurance cover volunteers who are working at the attraction?

–          If you’re renting space for the attraction, do you need coverage for possible damage to the facilities?

–          Are exists clearly marked, even if the rooms are dark or unlit?

–          Is your staff, volunteer or otherwise, properly prepared in the event of an emergency like a fire starting; do they know where things like exits and fire extinguishers are located?

Call your agent if you’re unsure or need help determining the best coverage for your specific needs!

Halloween is a great day for fun, games, dressing up, and being frightened. Be sure you and your insureds are taking the proper care to prevent it from becoming a truly scary event!

One scary Halloween fact I found on the Entitle Direct Insurance blog: One in five homebuyers would consider purchasing a real haunted house, if the discount was higher than 50 percent. Would you buy a real haunted home?

Article by: Kristen Skinner

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