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It’s Daylight Savings this Weekend — the Perfect Time to Check Your Smoke Alarm

November 1, 2013

smoke detectorDaylight Savings ends on Sunday; don’t forget to set your clocks back by an hour! This means you get an extra hour of sleep! And because you should replace the batteries in your smoke detectors every 6 months, daylight savings serves as the perfect reminder to do this. While you’re at it, be sure to test the detector and the batteries after they’re installed. On the front or side of all smoke detectors is a test button. Simply press and hold this button until a loud alarm or beeping sound is heard. Remember, your smoke detector should be loud enough to wake even the deepest sleeper in the house.

Most smoke alarms fail because the batteries are missing, dead, or not connected properly. If you hear your smoke alarm make a weird “chirping” noise every few minutes, it’s an indication that it’s time to change the batteries in your detector. It’s not uncommon for someone in the home to find the chirping annoying, remove the batteries, and then forget to replace them.

Smoke alarms should be located on every level of your home, including in the basement. If possible, place one outside of every bedroom or sleeping area as well. Smoke detectors can be purchased at any home improvement store and can be the first alert that a fire is occurring so you and your family can evacuate your home.

The NFPA reports that between 96-97% of homes in America have at least one smoke alarm in their home. The NFPA also shows that between 2006-2009, more than one-third of home fire deaths were in homes that didn’t have any smoke detectors at all, and approximately 24% were in homes where the smoke alarm didn’t operate.


Article by: Kristen Skinner

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