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How a Washington Bureau Solves an Arizona Problem

November 20, 2013

WSRB is a Washington Property Rating Bureau. We produce rules, Loss Costs, and policy forms for our Subscribers and support their agents’ activities in Washington. Many think that we only operate in Washington and that they have to go elsewhere to find information out of state.

Picture this, a Washington agent receives a call from a client saying that she just bought a commercial building in Jerome, Arizona. Have you ever been to Jerome? Very cool, visit it! It is an old copper mining town a little east of Sedona. It is more of a tourist attraction now than a mining site, but the important thing here is that it sits on a hillside: a steep one. Not to mention that the last building constructed there was about one hundred years ago!

The property underwriter has been to Jerome on vacation and went, “Whoops! I need a few things.” Size, age, slope, distance from nearest structure, photo…

Since the client bought the building without telling the agent about it and now needs last-minute coverage, how does the agent get the required information?

The client has a photo from the street and also knows the approximate year of construction, so those are covered. She does not, however, have the size (the realtor does but they were closed for the weekend), the slope, or distance to the next building. Who knows? It’s kind of steep and everything is close.

The agent, not knowing anyone in Jerome, asks what we can do for them; do we know anyone?  Referrals? Help!  Instead, we give them this printout:


Insurance rating tool


Using PropertyEDGE, we are able to go to Jerome, pull an aerial photo, measure the distance to the next building (10ft!), measure the slope by clicking on several points and getting the distance above sea level on those points, and draw an outline of the building using the “Area” measuring tool. All this takes less than 5 minutes.

Everything in this report is part of PropertyEDGE.

PropertyEDGE is available to any agent wishing to subscribe to it. Give us a call and see what it can do for you! Check out our website,, and view the demonstration video posted there.

P.S. He may get a DIC cross-sell out of this also!


Tracy Skinner


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