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Don’t Become a Statistic this Thanksgiving! Know How to Use a Turkey Fryer Safely

November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving safetyThanksgiving is almost here!  According to the NFPA, more home cooking fires occur on this day than any other by as much as three times. The downside of writing fire safety blogs is that they always seem to start off on such a negative note. Hopefully, with the help of a few tips below, Thanksgiving will stay a positive, happy, and (possibly!) football-filled day for everyone.

One of the reasons Thanksgiving gets this ominous statistic is simply that more people are cooking, and cooking for longer periods. We’ve covered the basics of kitchen safety in previous articles, so today we’d like to focus on how to safely use a deep-fat turkey fryer.

–          Make sure your turkey is fully thawed before frying.

–          Always deep-fry your turkey outside on a flat surface, away from trees, shrubs, and overhanging roofs or other buildings.

–          Use your deep-fryer on a noncombustible surface like dirt or cement.

–          Never leave your turkey fryer unattended. The oil in a fryer reaches temperatures of 350 degrees or more and is sitting over an open flame; this is a recipe for potential disaster.

–          Don’t let children or pets near your turkey fryer. They are relatively easy to knock over and full of bubbling hot oil.

–          Don’t overfill your fryer. Be sure to read the instructions, fill it to the proper level, and use an appropriate fryer size for your turkey.

–          Don’t drop your turkey into the oil! Again, hot oil + open flame = dangerous. Dropping it in may cause the oil to bubble over.

–          On the same note, be sure to slowly pull your bird out of the fryer, as a lot of oil will be coming up with it. Hold it over the fryer so it can drain before moving it inside.

–          Check your turkey with a food thermometer to be sure the thickest parts are cooked to the proper temperature (165 degrees).

–          Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions!

Be sure to check out this funny and instructional video on the dangers of deep-fat frying your holiday turkey from the Cobb County Georgia Fire Department.

We here at WSRB would like to wish all of our readers a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Article by: Kristen Skinner

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