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WSRB PROTECTION: It’s Makeover Week!

December 6, 2013

Coming next week!

They do it on Biggest Loser…they do it on America’s Next Top Model…it’s finally time for WSRB PROTECTION!  What could we possibly be talking about?

We’re proud to announce that our PROTECTION program is getting a makeover!  You, our customers, have given us great feedback on what you’d like to see from WSRB, with the look and feel of PROTECTION being near the top of the list! The makeover will allow PROTECTION to work the same way it always has, by providing you with valuable Protection Class, fire station, and hydrant location information while featuring a more compact, updated look.  Less scrolling!

For over 10 years, WSRB PROTECTION has been the number one source for Property Protection Class information in the state of Washington.  Its easy-to-use interface has been praised by our customers with its valuable information being relied upon for proper pricing, however there’s always room for improvement.  The new look of PROTECTION will save you time browsing and searching for the information you need.  PROTECTION will also feature a more compact design, with the map located on the upper portion of the screen, next to the address results box. The location results will now appear directly below the address search screen which will include the Protection Class, Fire Station, Latitude/Longitude, and other relevant information.



Public Protection Grading


The new look of WSRB PROTECTION:


Public Protection


Protection will also now feature an easier-to-use Map Select feature.  By clicking the “Turn Map Select ON” button and then clicking a location on the map, PROTECTION will return the location’s address and its Protection Class!


Fire Department Locations


After it launches, let us know what you think!

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