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An Important Change in the Way You Get PCs in PROTECTION!

December 16, 2013

Public Protection


Are you a frequent user of our PROTECTION program? If so, this article is for you. In it, I explain an important change in the way our new version of PROTECTION operates when you are searching for a protection classification (“PC”).

A number of regular PROTECTION customers have asked us why we changed from a “one-click” search to a “two-click” search for PCs.

First, an explanation of how PROTECTION works: When you type in an address and then click “search,” PROTECTION uses multiple strategies for identifying the correct location, primarily by looking at the parcel and other data layers WSRB maintains. If the address matches a parcel record, PROTECTION has an exact match to your location. However, if there is no parcel match, PROTECTION goes out to a third-party mapping provider to find the correct location. Usually, this service returns a location that matches the address you are looking for. If you are searching by Section, Township and Range, PROTECTION will display a location that is at the exact center of the Section you specify.

In a few cases, the location it finds does not match the location you are looking for. There are a number of reasons this might occur: the address you entered might be so new that it’s not in our database yet, so PROTECTION will attempt to find a close match. Sometimes, just a slight misspelling or using “St” instead of “Ave” can result in PROTECTION finding a valid address, but one which is not the one you were looking for. Similarly, when you look for a PC using Section, Township and Range, the exact center of the Section may or may not be where your insured’s home or business is located.

Previously, anytime you searched for a location, PROTECTION would locate a spot on the map and at the same time provide the PC for that spot. In almost all cases, the location it found was the same as the location you were looking for, and thus the PC displayed was correct for your policy. But to be safe, PROTECTION would provide a notification on the screen indicating that the location it found might not be the location you were looking for. However—it would still display the PC at the location it found.

We discovered that this notification was easy to overlook, and many customers just used the PC displayed. In most of these cases, the PC was still correct for your policy. But in a small number of cases, the PC for your policy and the PC for the incorrect location may not have been the same.

We want you to use the correct PC every time. As a compliance matter, it is very important to insurers, agents, property owners and regulators that the correct PC is used on policies. In order to help you get the right PC every time, we introduced an additional step in the process.

Now, when PROTECTION determines that the location it has found may not be the exact location you’re looking for, it still displays a message, but before displaying the PC for that location, it gives you the opportunity to verify that it found the correct location.

There are two ways to verify: first, compare the address you entered to the address displayed in the Location Search Results table. If there are differences, you may have entered an address that does not exist or that we don’t know about yet. Second, check the map. The red star on the map shows the point PROTECTION found. If you can see that the star is not where it should be, the location displayed may not give you the correct PC.

If you’re satisfied that PROTECTION found the correct location, just click on the warning message to display the PC. If you think the location may be incorrect, there are a number of solutions. You can correct the address, if it was mis-entered, and search again. Or you can use the Map Select function to locate the correct spot (if you searched by Section, Township and Range, you must use the Map Select function to choose where in the Section you want to calculate a PC). Just navigate your way around the map and click on any spot to get the correct PC for that location. Map Select is an easy way of calculating PCs that only WSRB provides and is available anywhere in Washington to verify the correct PC.

And don’t forget—you can always call our PROTECTION experts at 206.217.0101. They will verify any location you have and provide the correct PC, keeping you and your company in compliance, all at no charge.



Dave Bruell, Vice President

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