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WSRB – By the Numbers!

January 6, 2014

WSRB Inspections


On November 4th of 2013, WSRB celebrated its 121st anniversary of its very first inspection.  Back then we were known as the Office of the Washington Surveyor, but our functions have remained the same.   Since 1892, WSRB has grown, expanded and strived for the same goal which is providing the best information possible to help our customers properly price and assess risk.

Because it’s been 121 years since our first inspection, it got us wondering how many inspections we’ve done over the years and that brought us to ‘WSRB – By the Numbers!’

–          324,000: The approximate number of inspections and re-inspections we’ve done in Washington State since 1892.

–          240,363: The number of fire hydrants WSRB currently has mapped in Washington State (WOW!)

–          81,000: The approximate number of sprinkler systems we’ve reviewed for grading since 1892.  We recently changed our requirements to get sprinkler credit, so if you have a building on your books that’s not receiving credit, be sure to request a re-inspection!

–          2,677: The average number of inspections done every year since 1892!

–          1,326: The current number of fire stations our Public Protection Department has identified and our Protection software has mapped.

–          45: The current number of WSRB employees.

–          5: The number of cities outside of Seattle where WSRB employees work (in state-Vancouver, Kennewick and Spokane; out of state-Monroe, WI and Buzzards Bay, MA).

–          1,000,000: The number of times we’d like to thank you, our subscribers and customers, for helping make us your indispensable resource for property rating information in Washington State!


WSRB Inspections



Article by: Kristen Skinner

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