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What Can WSRB Do for You?

May 29, 2014

Nationwide regulatory compliance servicesI just met with a principal of a medium-size insurance agency. During our conversation, he introduced me to his newest producer, who is also new to the insurance industry. He told her I was with WSRB and then asked me to tell her, in 10 seconds, “What can WSRB do for her?” Wow, cover that in the next 10 seconds!

Let’s start with the unique service that companies and agents have in Washington.  WSRB is a non-profit Rating Bureau supported by the insurance carriers writing property coverage in this state.  We provide rules, loss costs, and forms so that property can be insured. The services that the companies buy are extended to their appointed agents.

When an agent needs to know about their clients or begins prospect-building, they can go to, log in, and get free access to any report—Class, Specific, or Automatic Sprinkler—that we have on file. Construction (square feet, stories, materials, etc.), Occupancy, Protection, and adjacent exposures are all there. How do we help writing commercial property? Pull a report, and when the client is met, the agent may know more about the building than the owner does.

Whether writing commercial or personal, fire protection is critical. In most states, there is no system for an agent to find out what a Protection Class at the risk is. They have to call their company or even a local fire chief. At WSRB, we provide a tool called PROTECTION. Type in the address and PROTECTION produces the exact Protection Class at the risk in a second.  Accuracy is also needed. WSRB does the review and grading of every fire department in the state. The information in PROTECTION is gathered and confirmed by WSRB employees. When WSRB says that such and such is the Protection Class, it is.

Because education will always be important to her career, WSRB offers free continuing-education classes for CE credit. Any agency can contact us to set up a CE class for their agents. We offer classes on paint-booths and dust-collection, restaurants, construction classes, and more!

Another option is our fee-based program, PropertyEDGE. If her agency subscribes to PropertyEDGE she will have access to user tools to measure area, elevation, and distance; evaluate catastrophes at the risk; and provide a quick link to any WSRB report. There is much more, but the tools will give the producer all that she needs to cross-sell DIC.

That was longer than 10 seconds, so here is the short version: WSRB will provide her accurate information, relevant to the risk and when you need it. We level the playing field and make covering your customer’s property easy and possible.

To learn how we can help your agency, contact me today by email: or by phone: 206-273-7146!


Article by: Tracy Skinner, Manager, Subscriber Services

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