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No Sprinkler Left Behind

May 8, 2015

Are you getting credit?

Sprinkler credit is hard to get, but WSRB has your solution! Given the great track record of automatic fire sprinklers, WSRB extends credit to all eligible sprinkler systems. Having all the documentation to thoroughly evaluate an automatic fire sprinkler system is still preferred, but now we will evaluate systems that do not have the original “As-Built” plans and other previously required documentation.

An eligible automatic sprinkler system will receive a WSRB Mechanical Grade and Loss Cost discount if the following guidelines are met: system must be operational (turned on, inspected, tested, and maintained to code), system must be for light or ordinary hazard occupants (not requiring specialized systems), system must be designed for the current occupancy (design information must be confirmed through hydraulic placard at riser, partial set of plans or some other method), and water supply information must be available and must be adequate for the fire sprinkler system demand, including hose lines.

“Sprinkler systems that are maintained do their job,” says Robert Lacy, Assistant Vice President of Field Operations at WSRB. “[Policy holders] deserve credit and it doesn’t cost anything other than a little time getting us access to the building.”

For more information and full details or to request your sprinkler report, go to Reports are free for registered members. If you are not registered, you may do so online with a agency email address by clicking here, or if you’re not sure if you are registered you can call or email Customer Service at 206-217-0101 or

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