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Washington Young Agents Conference in Chelan

June 15, 2015

Young Agents

Last week a few members of WSRB were able to visit the Young Agents convention in beautiful Chelan, Washington. We are very supportive of the Young Agents, believing in the steps it is taking to educate the future of our industry.

This year, we were very proud to hear our very own Tracy Skinner, Director of Marketing and Subscriber Services at WSRB, teach us about Green Construction as one of the amazing presenters. We didn’t just learn from Tracy, however, we were also able to glean information from great minds like Bill Wilson (on “Virtual University Top 10 Countdown”), John Willemse (on “Autonomous Vehicle”) and Angela Arralde (on “From the Carrier Perspective”).

Some of our favorite quotes from the event were:

  • “RTFP! – Read the Fine Print! Of the Policy of course…”
  • “Up to this point the technology designed for vehicles has been to protect us during an accident. Now, it will be to prevent accident.”
  • “Driver-less cars will ultimately change the face of the insurance industry as we know it”
  • “So what happens if a tree is going to fall on your driver-less car? Will the car move out of the way?”
  • “Green materials have pluses and minuses throughout…a lot of green materials burn hotter.”
  • “Frozen Smoke as a construction material has incredible insulating properties.”
  • “But what if you don’t ask for the lease agreement – you are just as liable!” On the suggestion that we should be ignorant to avoid being legally liable.
  • “I always ask for a copy of the lease agreement…know your policy, does it fit within the policy?”
  • ‘It is probably a little more pleasant to deal with an Underwriter who knows the difference between Ellensburg and Enumclaw” – working with an Underwriter in your area.
  • ‘Many positions within the agency…are trying to bring the business in the door” – having a sales culture
  • “I feel like there aren’t any generalists out there anymore”
  • “From the carrier’s perspective, this isn’t going to be a short term partnership, it is going to go into the future”

Thank you to the I.I.A.B.W. Young Agents for coordinating such a fun and informative event! To learn more about the Young Agents, or to get involved, please visit them on Facebook.

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